About Shane Whittle

Shane Whittle, who in 2007 co-founded the gourmet organic coffee company Marley Coffee LLC., has founded a new natural food company called Mellow Bars Inc. In presenting his new product line, Shane Whittle describes Mellow Bars as a food that inspires natural relaxation through a unique blend of herbs. A savvy entrepreneur with a background in international business, Shane Whittle prefers a natural lifestyle and is therefore drawn to healthy products that involve organic and sustainable practices. For example, the beans that go into each bag of Marley Coffee are ethically farmed and hold the fair trade stamp of approval, with many organic varieties available. Adding to the Certified Organic and FTO Fair Trade Certified labels already in existence, Shane Whittle and his partner Rohan Marley developed the ITAL seal of approval, enlisting a Rastafarian expression to reflect the pure and vital quality of Marley Coffee products.

One of Shane Whittle’s responsibilities as Managing Partner of Marley Coffee is to foster beneficial relationships with partnering farmers in Jamaica, Ethiopia, and Central America. Whittle also maintains high standards for sales and marketing, including a highly functional web page. By visiting http://www.marleycoffee.com, customers can order from a plethora of Marley Coffee products and also visit links related to Bob Marley and the Marley family, as well as the charitable groups, such as 1Love.org and Kicks For Cause Foundation, which Marley Coffee supports. The website also offers a daily “wake-up” quote by Bob Marley and a blog with news and coffee brewing tips. In his role as a marketer, Shane Whittle has also created an active social networking presence for Marley Coffee, which now boasts over 22,000 followers on Facebook. When he has time away from his businesses, Whittle enjoys doing yoga, playing soccer, and participating in the coffee farming and harvesting process.


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